We are seeking two children aged 5-10 (with a playing age of around 5-7 years old) to portray Young Mowgli in JW Productions' 'The Jungle Book', before he grows up.


The child will be paid a fee for his or her contribution.


We are looking for:


  • A confident, focused and energetic child, with a good sense of rhythm. Performing experience is a bonus but not essential.


  • Who enjoys singing and performing and would be comfortable doing so in front of a large audience.


  • Available to rehearse in Brighton on Thursday evenings and some additional weekend dates.


  • Have a parent/guardian willing to chaperone and stay with the child backstage during the performances


  • Be able to commit to performances between the 29th May and 2nd June 2019 at The Brighton Open Air Theatre, Dyke Road Park, Brighton. (4 performances per child. Must be available the whole week for tech/dress rehearsals.)

To audition, please learn the 'Mini Mowgli Audition Song' using the vocal guide, and lyrics.

When confident, please film your child performing the song using the Accompaniment version (without vocals) 

Make sure they act the song and be as creative as you like.

Label the audition tape 'MINI MOWGLI_CHILD'S NAME' and send via email or wetransfer to: no later than:


Please also let us know  in the email your child's height, age and DOB.

Good luck!

Vocal Guide - Mini Mowgli Audition Song

Mini Mowgli Audition Song Lyrics

It's fun growing up in the Jungle!

There's a different game every day

It's fun growing up in the jungle,

You can rough and tumble with the animals

We bundle out to play

And you don't have to worry about anything

You don't have to care about a thing

You can run and you can hide

You can jump and you can slide

You can shout and play about and you can sing

You can sing sing sing sing sing sing sing

You don't have to worry about a thing!

Accompaniment - Mini Mowgli Audition Song
The Jungle Book cover photo.jpeg